Sewer Camera Inspections

Using state-of-the-art technology, Meterman, Inc. can look into your sewer system to locate any problems you may have, such as back-ups and/or slow or restricted flow. We can also determine what type of sewer pipeline material is installed on your property. Inspecting your sewer system with a video camera provides the most accurate and detailed information on what potential issues may arise, or any repairs that may be required.

Hydro Jetting

To correct, or prevent, problems in your sewer system, Meterman, Inc. recommends hydro-jetting (high pressure flushing) your system on a regular basis. This is a cost effective way to correct sewer flow or sewer back-up obstructions, and is effective in maintaining the health of your sewer system. Hydro-jetting service is effectively performed by selecting clean-outs at random locations and running the equipment through the sewer pipeline for a distance of 600 ft. per clean-out entrance. The obstructions are flushed from the property, to a city point of connection. This will provide you with the best flow possible in your sewer main pipeline. This simple procedure, done on a regular basis, can eliminate your sewer flow issues. Meterman, Inc. recommends hydro-jetting your system on a quarterly basis. contact us to set up a schedule for your park.

Pipeline Repairs

Whether there is damage to the sewer system, or you require a new or upgraded system, Meterman Inc. can provide whatever service necessary to assist in your sewer needs. Sewer problems are dealt with efficiently and safely, with minimum interruption to your residents.


Sewer Distribution Relocation

Above ground sewer clean-out and below ground sewer distribution to park main. Meterman, Inc. also provides service to park sewer main.