Cathodic Protection

Every mobile home park's gas distribution system operator that has an impressed (rectifier) cathodic protection system or a sacrificial (anodes) cathodic protection system must have an annual cathodic protection system evaluation. This is required by Title 49, Code of Federal Regulation and enforced by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Meterman, Inc. provides a detailed and informative report with recommendations for repairs and/or replacement of rectifiers, anodes, installation of insulating unions and all repairs that could be required to keep your cathodically protected gas system in compliance with CPUC regulations. Meterman, Inc. can provide expertise and quotes for new installations or major renovations to existing systems. We also highly recommend performing a cathodic protection survey annually.

Gas Leak Survey

The park manager must maintain gas leak survey records for the life of the system. Meterman, Inc. highly recommends performing a gas leak survey annually, as preventative maintenance, detecting and repairing smaller gas leaks, rather than allowing them to become a larger, more hazardous and costly repair. Our annual gas leak survey report shows the location, grade and type of detected gas leak. Included in our reports are recommendations for repairs.

Meterman, Inc. has the expertise, trained technicians and equipment to repair all above ground and below ground gas leaks. We can also correct detected violations and provide parts, materials and service to address every type of repair required, so as to ensure strict compliance with California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulatory requirements. Meterman, Inc. surveys over 200 properties per year in the State of California.

Pipeline Repairs

Meterman, Inc. employees are well-trained and certified to locate and center difficult to find underground natural gas leaks. Our training utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure the employees understand the latest technology. This is done so gas leaks are found quickly and safely. Meterman, Inc. employees are experienced in all types of pipeline repairs and certified in heat fusion, butt fusion and socket fusion. We are committed to using the best and safest materials, in order to assure your needs are met.

California Public Utilities Commission Compliance (CPUC)

The California Public Utilities Commission revised its Mobilehome Park Operator's Annual Report Form (Form MHP-1). Section 3 of Form MHP-1, now has tables for recording natural gas leaks that are found and repaired. Contact Meterman, Inc. for your Gas Leak Survey and Gas Leak Repairs. We will help you fill out the CPUC Form MHP-1. Click here for the CPUC Form.

Operator Qualification

All owners and management companies that operate a master metered gas distribution system must have a written qualification program and qualify all onsite personnel. All park managers must have an Operator's Manual with current records of 5 years, along with a Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP). They, and any other personnel, must complete training and written exam to be certified.

Gas Meter Installations and Distribution Relocation

Please see our Meters Page for additional details.